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AIREX® T90 - easy processing structural FST foam

AIREX® T90 is a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable, structural PET rigid foam with excellent fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) properties. It is suitable for lamination with all types of resins and processes and is easy to process mechanically and thermoform. It is also resistant against UV rays and chemicals and does not absorb water. Curing and post curing at increased temperatures is unproblematic as it is very heat-resistant and does not post expand or outgas.

AIREX® T92 - easy processing structural PET foam

AIREX® T92 is a thermoplastic structural rigid foam with closed cells and is highly suitable for lamination using all types of resins and processes. The AIREX® T92 manufacturing process results in a structural core material with very consistent properties. Shear strain/damage tolerance is highly improved and allows utilization in most structural sandwich constructions. The foam is very easy to process mechanically, can be thermoformed, and is very heat resistant. AIREX® T92 is ideal for use with various pre-preg systems at high temperatures. It is very chemically stable, does not absorb water, and shows no post-expansion.

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