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Specialty Fabric



Return of Goods Policy
Mahogany Company custom produces its kit and panel products for its
customers and therefore, cannot accept returns other than for defective
goods.  In the event the kit and/panel product sold (except those sold "as
is") are defective upon purchaser's examination,  purchaser must notify
Mahogany Company in writing no later than ten (10) business days after
receipt of the goods, identifying the goods and deficiency. Mahogany Company
may elect to inspect the goods and purchaser shall not dispose of such
goods.   If Mahogany Company determines that the goods are defective, it
will replace the defective goods and/or credit the customer's account. Such
determination shall be made in Mahogany Company's sole discretion. Failure
of the purchaser to give notice of any claim within ten (10) business days
after receipt of such goods shall constitute a waiver by purchaser of all
claims with respect to such kit and/or panel product.


Changes in Anticipated Ship Date

Mahogany Company reserves the right to adjust anticipated ship dates as a
result of the fluctuating lead time required to procure certain raw
materials. Further, Mahogany Company  reserves the right to combine orders
and adjust anticipated ship dates to increase manufacturing efficiencies.
Notice of a change in anticipated ship date will be provided via written
notice by Mahogany Company to the customer at least fourteen (14) days prior
to the original anticipated ship date.



Changes in Specifications

Once an order is placed, changes in specifications by the customer may be
made by written notice to Mahogany Company at least ten (10) days prior to
the anticipated ship date. Any change in specifications received less than
ten (10) days prior to the anticipated ship date may result in a change in
the anticipated ship date, and/or additional labor and material costs.

No Warranties, Express or Implied

Mahogany Company makes no representations or warranties, express or implied,
with regard to its kit and/or panel products, including, but not limited to,
warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, application(s) or appropriate
use(s) of the products. Mahogany Company is not responsible for errors or
omissions in the purchaser's design, engineering, or manufacturing
processes. Final determination of the suitability of the kit and/or panel
product(s) for the use contemplated is the sole responsibility of the
purchaser and the purchaser is urged to consult its engineers or designers
regarding suitability of materials for its purposes. Purchaser assumes all
responsibility for loss or damage as a result of handling or use of the kit
and/or panel products. Mahogany Company shall not be liable for and
specifically disclaims all consequential, special, incidental or exemplary
damage claims, to persons, entities or property, including but not limited
to, economic loss, loss of profits, cost of substitute kit/panel products,
claims of purchaser's customers, or any other third parties

Cancellation/Termination of Order Policy

As a general rule, once an order is placed, it can be cancelled or
terminated only by written notice to Mahogany Company at least ten (10)
days prior to the anticipated ship date. Since the products are
custom-produced, any cancellations or terminations within ten (10) days of
anticipated ship date will be charged the full sale price of the product.
However, the general rule does not apply if special order raw materials are
specifically purchased and received by Mahogany Company to fabricate the
order. In that case, once the special order raw materials purchased for the
order are received by Mahogany Company, the order cannot be cancelled and
the customer will be charged the full sales price of the product (even if
the cancellation were outside of the aforementioned general ten (10) day