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AIREX® C70 - universal structural PVC foam

AIREX® C70 is a closed-cell, cross-linked rigid foam with excellent rigidity and a great stiffness to weight ratio. It is highly durable, has a low water absorption rate, and excellent chemical resistance. It can be processed with all common resin systems and processes. The fine cell structure supports excellent adhesion of face sheets.

AIREX® C70 is the ideal core material for many lightweight sandwich structures subject to dynamic or static loads.

Gurit®  PVC is a closed cell, cross-linked PVC foam. It provides superior strength to weight ratio for all composite applications.

Other key features of Gurit® PVC include outstanding chemical resistance, negligible water absorption, and excellent thermal insulation capabilities. It is compatible with most common resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

Gurit® PVC is available in a wide range of formats with all standard cut patterns and finishes possible.

Divinycell H

Excellent strength to weight. An all-purpose grade used in multiple industries.

Divinycell H provides excellent mechanical properties and low weight. It is widely used and has a proven track record in virtually every application area where sandwich composites are employed, including the marine, transport, wind energy and civil engineering. It is compatible with most wet resin systems and its low thermal conductivity makes it especially suitable as insulation at low or cryogenic temperatures.

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